Vinslöv wadeveloped as the station community after the advent of Kristianstad Hässleholms Railways 1865. In 1927 the company Kronborsten moved their production of brush binding from Stockholm to Vinslöv. The move was made to be closer to raw wood, beech wood, which are in the surrounding area. The trade name Kron was registered in 1945. They also moved its headquarters to Vinslöv in 1966.

In June 1948 was organized on extensive Vinslöv exhibition of Vinslövs Factory and Hantverksförening. The exhibition attracted over 25 000 visitors on opening day. The theme of the exhibition was the trade, industry, art, crafts and defense. The logo for the exhibition (depicting a Viking) designed by artist Kjell Lönnblad.

Hedberg in Vinslöv was a furniture store that was founded in 1905 under the name OJ Hedberg's furniture store that featured their furniture as they will be on display, in his natural environment.

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