Sävsjö regards the date 1 October 1864, as the start of its current history, because it was then that the train station Sävsjö was inaugurated. At that time Sävsjö was nothing more than a few houses, but attracted by the railway it began expanding, attracting both industries and inhabitants. The settlement with its then 1.56 square kilometres had 1,481 people in 1917 at which time several small industries had established themselves there, most notably carpenters and other wood industries, and there was also a bank, a pharmacy and a post office.

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Hellefors has an adult education leading class including design, jewelry art, theater, set design, and culture.

Hellefors gave its name to the breed Hellefors Dog.

Outside Hellefors is Sweden's oldest public park, Hook Dearborn Park, now a listed building.

In Hellefors are Dog Campus including part of the Foundation Cancer detection dogs (scsh) along the Karolinska Institute and Gävle Hospital. On Campus Dog trained dogs and owners in various areas where the dogs' sense of smell can be used while researching the dog's sense of smell.


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Piteå is located at the mouth of the Pite River (SwedishPiteälven), at the shore of the Bay of Bothnia. The central part is located on an islet called Häggholmen, which due to post-glacial rebound almost has become a part of the mainland; the land in northern Sweden rises at a rate of up to 9 mm (0.35 in) per year.

Piteå has an attractive archipelago, which is one of the reasons it is a popular place for tourism both in summer and winter. It features a beach resort area that is often labelled "The Riviera ofNorrbotten" (or Norrland), around which there is a spa, a long sandy beach, a restaurant and a golf course. The area is also suitable for fishing and outdoor activities. In the winter, snow activities such as skiing and winter bathing are common.

The warmest months in Piteå are June, July, and August, with high temperatures of 17 to 21 °C (63 to 70 °F). The coldest are December, January, and February, with low temperatures of -14 to -10 °C (7 to 14 °F).

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Vinslöv wadeveloped as the station community after the advent of Kristianstad Hässleholms Railways 1865. In 1927 the company Kronborsten moved their production of brush binding from Stockholm to Vinslöv. The move was made to be closer to raw wood, beech wood, which are in the surrounding area. The trade name Kron was registered in 1945. They also moved its headquarters to Vinslöv in 1966.

In June 1948 was organized on extensive Vinslöv exhibition of Vinslövs Factory and Hantverksförening. The exhibition attracted over 25 000 visitors on opening day. The theme of the exhibition was the trade, industry, art, crafts and defense. The logo for the exhibition (depicting a Viking) designed by artist Kjell Lönnblad.

Hedberg in Vinslöv was a furniture store that was founded in 1905 under the name OJ Hedberg's furniture store that featured their furniture as they will be on display, in his natural environment.

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Sandviken is the home town of the major high-technology Swedish engineering concern Sandvik and the main office of the company was located in Sandviken until January 2012 when it was moved to Stockholm. The company's international activities, combined with the fact that there are more than 80 different nationalities in the municipality, give Sandviken an international air.

Sandviken is also home to a number of cultural activities: Kulturskolan (extramural music, dance and drama training), Sandviken Big Band, Sandviken Symphonic Orchestra and a large number of musicians in the region. Sandvikens Art Gallery shows throughout the year various interesting exhibitions. Amongst the many popular tourist attractions in the municipality, the following must be singled out for special mention: the attractive old, carefully restored industrial villages in Gysinge and Högbo Bruk with their forges and smithies, handicraft, manor houses and possibilities they offer for outdoor recreation. During the winter months the downhill skiing facilities and the Snowpark at Kungsberget attract a large number of visitors from near and far.

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The present municipality was formed in 1974, whenformer municipalities were amalgamated. The number of entities in the area in 1863 was seventeen.

It regards itself as being both cultural and industry dominated,[3] as part of the Gnosjöregion.

The city is being modernized with regards to shopping, eating and education, and to boost tourism in the state of Småland. New stores have moved in and two new commercial centers are to be built in 2015. The local school has moved up in rankings in a list comparing Sweden's schools. In 2006, the school was ranked #248 out of 250. In 2008, the school was ranked #180. The local Gymnasium (High School) was the seventh-best in the country, and in September 2008 the local library was announced the best library in Sweden.


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Jönköping is an old trading center (Köping), since it was located on a crossroad for the roads following along the rivers Nissan andLagan, and the road between the provinces Östergötland and Västergötland. This was rather natural due to the geographical position of the city at the southern end of lake Vättern, which divided the two counties. On 18 May 1284, Jönköping received rights as a City in Sweden as one of the first communities in the country, by King Magnus Ladulås, who at that time largely ruled the nation from Vättern's largest island Visingsö. In the name of the city "Jön-" is derived from a creek, "Junebäcken", which was situated in the nowadays western part of the city, Talavid. This was the location of the first known settlement in the area. The second part of the name "-köping", as mentioned above, is an old word for a trading center or market place.

However, the geographical position of the city also left it vulnerable to foreign attacks, mainly from the Danes, coming from the south with the river roads; at that time, the provinces of what is today southern Sweden — Scania, Halland and Blekinge — belonged to Denmark. Consequently, the city was plundered and burned several times, until a fortification was built in the 16th and 17th century.

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